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What Is The Sumak Kawsay Ecosystem?

The Sumak Kawsay Ecosystem is an innovative fusion of technology, ecology, and community, providing a forward-thinking solution for contemporary challenges.

Holistic Integration

Holistic Integration

We merge cutting-edge blockchain and AI technologies with ancient wisdom and sustainable practices to create a self-sufficient ecosystem that nurtures the planet and its inhabitants


At the heart of Sumak Kawsay is our global community. Participation, governance, and shared prosperity are fundamental. Each member contributes to and benefits from the ecosystem's growth and sustainability.
Environmental Regeneration

Environmental Regeneration

Our initiatives and technologies are designed with the Earth in mind. From renewable energy projects to regenerative agriculture, we aim to reverse environmental
Technological Innovation

Technological Innovation

Leveraging blockchain and AI to ensure transparency, security, and efficiency. Our ecosystem empowers individuals and communities with tools and knowledge to foster technological advancements while maintaining ecological balance.

The 3 pillars of our strong ecosystem




Our ecosystem embraces decentralized governance and asset tokenization to promote inclusive growth and equity. We prioritize stewardship of natural resources and the creation of a global career gateway, leveraging our collective infrastructure. Our model includes a fractional real estate portfolio and a dedicated blockchain to ensure universal identification, enhanced privacy, and security. We are committed to a global framework that leads to regenerative outcomes, high performance, and quality standards.
Living and Virtual Platform

Living and Virtual Platform

We are developing a new kind of navigation in Extended Reality (XR) settings, combining Web 3.0 and decentralized finance (DeFi) to create an all-encompassing global marketplace. Our ecosystem features smart bio-habitats, customized tokens, and state-of-the-art wearable NFTs, all underpinned by blockchain and IoT technologies for superior automation. Driven by artificial intelligence, our platform sets a standard for efficiency and innovative progress.
Global Interdependence

Global Interdependence

We advocate for a globally interdependent framework, utilizing a collective treasure system to refine value chains and enhance productivity, thereby fostering dividends. Our model is built on strong articulation, interaction, and exchange, aimed at revolutionizing the financial landscape. Backed by a solid legal structure and supported by advanced big data analytics, our initiatives promote unified efforts towards the preservation of life and nature 's rights, ensuring a harmonious and interconnected existence.

Universal Passport

Your Key to a Global Community

This pioneering initiative offers you unparalleled access to our ecosystem 's resources, unifying community members in our shared vision for a sustainable future

Benefits and Security

  • Global Mobility and Unity: The Universal Passport acts as a symbol of unity, offering token holders the freedom to move and access experiences and resources across the ecosystem, fostering a strong sense of belonging and global citizenship.
  • Safety and Well-being: In times of geopolitical unrest, the passport prioritizes holder safety, facilitating swift rescue and relocation to safer environments within our extensive network.
  • Identity and Community: Empowers holders with a unique identity that transcends national boundaries, promoting a global citizen ethos and ensuring you are never isolated or vulnerable.

Dividends and Staking: A Path to Universal Income

Experience the joy of giving and receiving. Engage with our ecosystem, stake your tokens, and earn dividends.

Empowerment Tiers of Engagement


Unity Tier:

This is your starting point within the Sumak Kawsay collective, offering an introduction to our values and initial dividends. It represents the foundational step towards inclusivity and shared purpose, aligning with our ethos and community spirit.

Growth Tier:

For members increasing their involvement, this tier provides greater dividends and signifies a deeper commitment to our collective future. It represents a middle ground for those actively contributing to and engaging with our ecosystem's expansion.

Inclusion Tier:

The highest level, rewarding our most committed members, symbolizing a significant contribution to our vision and goals. This tier is for those aiming to create a meaningful, lasting impact, ensuring a legacy of prosperity, sustainability, and community well-being.

Explore Shambhala Bio-habitats: A New Dimension of Living

Pioneering sustainable living solutions, Sumak Kawsay introduces Shambhala Smart Habitats and Fractional Real Estate to foster fractional ownership opportunities in dynamic, adaptable living environments. These spaces are designed to meet the evolving interests and needs of the community, supporting diverse lifestyles and sustainable productive systems.

  • Virtual Reality Tours:

    Step into the future with VR tours of our Bio-Habitats. Experience the serene landscapes, innovative living spaces, and vibrant community life from anywhere in the world.
  • Fractional Ownership Opportunities:

    Learn how you can become a part of this revolutionary concept through fractional real estate, making sustainable living accessible and affordable.
  • Community Shaping:

    Your voice matters. With every investment, gain the power to shape the future of your habitats through direct voting and proposals.


An innovative platform where community engagement meets economic revolution. Here, participants can interact using Ayni Coin to buy, sell services, and products, creating a vibrant marketplace. Our approach centers on:

  • Asset Tokenization:

    Pioneering digital asset management, we transform real estate, natural resources, cultural artifacts, and intellectual properties into digital tokens. This strategy, integrated with AI and XR technology, fosters a transparent, efficient market, simplifying investments while promoting sustainability and prosperity.
  • Community Empowerment:

    As we centralize resources and skills, our community gains independence, moving beyond traditional systems towards self-sufficiency and collective strength.
  • Dynamic Interaction::

    Ayni Coin serves as the catalyst for exchanges within our ecosystem, enhancing liquidity and broadening investment access.


Token Distribution and Unity Halving Schedule

  • 30%

    Official Presale: Available for three months at Unifying.Earth, aimed at initial ecosystem scaling.

  • 30%

    CEX & DEX: Intended to guarantee liquidity in centralized and decentralized exchanges.

  • 30%

    Locked for Unity Halving Schedule: Tokens are released in a phased approach inspired by Bitcoin's halving:

    • Years 1-4: 15% released, with the remaining 15% locked.
    • Years 5-8: An additional 7.5% released, with the remaining 7.5% locked.
    • Subsequent Cycles: Continue until all tokens are distributed, aligning with ecosystem milestones.
  • 5%

    Community Incentives & Airdrops: Token reserve intended to reward community members for various actions that contribute to the growth and success of the project.

  • 5%

    Foundation NGO

Journey Through Time: Our Roadmap

Explore the milestones that mark our shared path towards transformation

Phase 1: Establish the core structure and community foundation of the Sumak Kawsay Ecosystem.

Establish digital and physical infrastructure. Launch the multi-token system and legal frameworks. Host first community Summits, Festivals and Gatherings. Build the first international holistic retreat sanctuary.

Phase 2: Broaden our reach and improve our technological framework.

Expand the Ecosystem land network and integrate indigenous and private reserves. Advance blockchain and AI integration for enhanced resource management. Open the Ecosystem Marketplace for wider product and service access.

Phase 3: Global Network and Political Influence

Establishing a global network and gain political recognition. Implement a value-backed currency system and universal passport initiative. Form strategic alliances for broader global collaboration.

Phase 4: Sustainability and Autonomy.

Achieving ecosystem self-sufficiency and independence. Attain full functionality. Secure global political approval and expand community reach.

Phase 5: Pushing the boundaries in ecological conservation and global influence.

Influence global sustainability policies. Expand and implement regenerative practices on a larger scale. Showcase the global environmental and social impact of the ecosystem.

Our Team

Meet the Team Behind the ICO

The NGO Hummingbirds, Guardians of the Earth, is the driving force behind the Sumak Kawsay Ecosystem, The non profit organization is registered in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia, a UNESCO-recognized biosphere reserve and the ancestral home of the Tayrona people. This inspiring region, known as the Heart of the World, forms the foundation of our commitment to serve as humanity's blueprint for a sustainable furture, promoting a balance between nature and culture. Our work in biodiversity, food sovereignty, and sustainable land management is a living testament to this profound legacy.